I’m curious about how you experienced the workshop, training or course you participated in. So I get a better understanding how it was for you as a participants. If there are mornings, regrets or complaints, I would like to hear about it. And I’m open to get in communication with you about it. So I can listen to you and maybe it is even possible to improve the current situation. I also enjoy hearing your celebrations. This feedback form is also a way for me to learn and grow from, so I can improve my future workshops, trainings and courses.

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I would like to be able to communicate about what you wrote in this feedback form. Especially when you have mornings, regrets or complaints. So I can listen to you, get more clarity about the situation and if possible try to improve the current situation. Would you be willing to fill in your name and email? If you prefer to fill in this feedback form anonymously, you are welcome to do so.