Stijn De Neve

How can you relate with children so that they have an optimal development and a high well-being? Stijn his life’s mission is to answer this question and put it into practice. Stijn has been working with children since 2003 in different settings, such as child care, democratic education and camps. In 2009 he discovered non-violent communication. In 2010, he co-founded Sudbury School Ghent, a democratic school where children are fully trusted in their natural drive to learn what they need in this world. In 2009 Stijn discovered non-violent communication and its great value in relationship with children. Stijn is currently giving workshops and trainings to relate with children from connection and trust. He uses compassionate communication, aware parenting and the power of play. Stijn is a play therapist, gives empathic counseling to teenagers and supports parents to parent with trust and connection. Under the name Orvita, Stijn organizes camps for children and is starting a democratic school based on non-violent communication.