Workshops & courses

Discover how you can live or work with children with more trust, connection and harmony. In the workshops en trainings we use Nonviolent Communication (NVC) as the basis, complemented with Aware Parenting and the Power of Play.

Nonviolent Communication (also called compassionate communication) was developed by Marshall Rosenberg. NVC is a powerful and practical way of approaching live that helps to build an awareness to communicate and relate to others based on your needs and the needs of others. NVC is not just a tool, its a way of living. With compassionate communication I acknowledge that behind every behavior there is a beautiful need and that my needs are equally important as the needs of the child. With NVC we can create sustainable connection and cooperation based on intrinsic motivation from both adult and child. We connect to what’s alive in ourselves and the child. In this connection we come to a place beyond right and wrong. The next step is to bring all needs together to find a solution that enrich both our lives.

Aware Parenting is developed by Aletha Solter. It is a way of relating to children with attument to create a secure attachment. Aware parenting emphasis on giving space and listen emphatically to all emotions of the child. And it recognize that a child releases stress and heal painful experiences trough play, crying and laughter. Aware parenting looks underneath the behavior of the child, to see the emotions (frustration, stress, trauma, …) and the needs of the child. So the caretakers can take the needs and emotional difficulties into account.

Play is the language of the child. Play offers many possibilities to strengthen the relationship with children and to help children process (painful) experiences. Play is also the natural way of learning.

In the workshops and courses we work on the insight, skills and awareness to relate with trust and connection with children. Based on your own experiences, we practice concrete skills so that you can try them out in your daily life.

I organize the following courses:

  • Compassionate communication with children, basic course
  • Empathic listening to children
  • Caring for an upset child
  • Compassionate Communication with play
  • Caring for your own anger, powerlessness, guilt and shame as a parent or educator
  • Transforming conflict with children into connection and cooperation
  • What if a child says ‘no’?
  • Mediation between children
  • Group decisions with need based consent
  • Trusting children: transforming fear
  • Self-directed education: children in charge of their own life and learning
  • And more …

Because it is important to me that what I offer really contributes, all trainings can be customized to the needs to the participants.

Your interest

I would love to organise more workshops and courses in the future. I wish that my offers contribute to your needs and that it fits with your intrest. So I would like to get to know your interest. About which topics would you like to follow a workshop or course in the future?

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